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Sibylla and Poetry Emotion booksPoetry Emotion -
a book of contemporary poems
by Sibylla Chan


Fear, anger, love, lust, sadness and joy – each has a chapter dedicated to exploring these feelings within the book. The poems illustrate aspects of the human condition close to our hearts – love, lust and life. The poetry is frank and bold and the author tackles the taboo in her own unique style. All poems tell a story and by virtue of the subject matter, some poems are sexually explicit. This book is therefore suitable for adults only.

“My poetry is my autobiography. My writing started as an outlet for my emotions following the breakdown of my marriage in the 1980s and charts the journey my life has taken since then. Latterly, my search for new love online and the hopes and disappointments thereof have been a source of inspiration, as have the fears, hopes, anxieties and desires of people close to me. Illness, birth and death, my family and the world around me have been a further reason to put pen to paper.”