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About Sibylla Chan

Sibylla is the Devon-based author of Poetry Emotion, a compilation of poetry that spans the last 35 years or so. She was born in the Netherlands in 1946, but has been resident in England since the mid- 60s. She is one of the post-war baby-boomers and proud of it.

After arriving in England, she married, had two daughters and went on to study at the University of London where she read Comparative Education and Biology (Med) 1981, and later Contemporary German Studies at Thames Valley University (PG Dip) 1998. She became a teacher and taught biology, chemistry and modern languages. In addition, as a committed yogini, she has practised and taught Hatha yoga since the 1980s and now runs a studio in Plymouth from her home where she also facilitates bespoke weekend retreats. ( www.houseofyoga.co.uk )

Sibylla loves the arts and has partaken in dance, acting, painting and of course the written word. “I find the English language rich and profoundly exciting and began writing poetry way back in time for no apparent reason. It was not a conscious decision, it simply came naturally. I love the inherent power of poetry because of its cadence, the use of concise language as a tool to enhance and create imagery, and as a means to express passion and emotion. At the same time, it has helped me gain perspective, come to terms with my emotions and move on with my life, time and again.

I also love telling stories and each of my poems is a story in its own right. Moreover, as I avoid using obscure language and express myself frankly, I hope that my poetry is accessible to all.”

Her poems have been described as ‘touching and lasting’, of ‘incredible purity and power’, ‘passionate and thoughtful’ and ‘beautifully sensual’, and Sibylla hopes that you too will enjoy her book. In addition, she would very much like you to leave your comments on Facebook or Twitter or send her an email and let her know how much you have enjoyed any of the poems.