Poetry Emotion

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Poetry Emotion


In the shower

As you reach out for me,
I appear through the mist that cloaks the mirror.
My body embracing the stream of hot water,
Your fingers tracing its every contour
Drawing a map in your mind.

I yield to your touch,
Feel your nakedness against mine.
Your muscles hard, hungry to grind, to pound,
Seeking the resistance my body provokes,
But first my lips must find yours.

Swept away by torrents of passion
In a cascade of waterfall,
We dive deep into each other,
Where we remain
And drown in love.


When you leave me like that

When you leave me like that,
Suddenly, without warning,
Not knowing when we can be together again,
Sharp pains rip through my heart. Your going
Takes my breath away – I choke in tears
For fear that this is a silent goodbye,
When you leave me like that.

When you leave me like that
And walk away without a further glance,
Can you really forget
As you would have me believe,
Or do you know the pain of which I speak?
Do you in fact ever leave
When you leave me like that?


Today the sun was my lover

Today the sun was my lover, when no one else dared.
Its warmth lustfully shrouding my body,
Its ravenous rays touching me everywhere.
Every nook and cranny the sun could reach,
Playful, tantalising, as though to teach
That there is more to life than men.

Shielding my face from the sun as it burnt my flesh
Whilst caressing my breasts, arms and legs
And that special place the sun has no knowledge of,
I longingly received its embrace
This afternoon, when the sun was my lover.

Then the wind came to aid a long lost friend.
It blew gently, creating tingling sensations.
The sun heating, the wind cooling,
Spreading its vibrations
All over my skin.
The sun and the wind,
A most natural thing.

The sun knows what I need to be aroused, to bring me alive.
To prepare my body ready for love.
When violent spasms caused me to erupt in glee,
The sun looked on and the wind paused temporarily
This afternoon, when the sun was my lover.

It has no shame in fondling me
To satisfy my hunger,
My ache for you.
While the carefree wind plays along innocently,
What better lover could there be
Than the sun?


Online dating

I have joined
The faceless hordes
Of men and women
With bleeding hearts
And nowhere to go,
Lost in a wilderness
Of loneliness,
Looking for love.

We scour
Online dating sites
To fulfil our dreams,
But as we set our sights too high,
More often than not,
We fail.

 Then we realise,
Much to our despair,
Cyberspace has grown
Into a human trade fair -
A consumer paradise.

We hunt, we chase
And when we catch our prey,
They’re rarely good enough.
We let the wretched creature run
And go after the next one.
How cynical can we get?
What have we become?

We want it all.
We want it now.
There is no get-to-know-you time.
So when you do go the extra mile
And get so ruthlessly dumped,
Something deep inside you dies.
Yet you know,
Time is pressing,
For when the bleeding stops,
You are incapable of love.

Thus, you play the game in desperation
Or go back to the drawing board.
Unaware that in cyberspace,
Whether you like it or not,
We all play the game,
We all risk our soul.