Poetry Emotion

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Poetry Emotion


The subject matter is fantastic....I felt like the subjects were all so close to my heart but then I realised that the subject matter is probably close to the hearts of most of us ...love, lust, life.
My favourites are ‘Today the sun was my lover’,’ You wake up one morning’, ‘The miracle of life’ and ‘First encounter’. I love the fact that you wrote First Encounter in 1976! I love its pace and passion and fury and it makes the mind and body respond in the way I guess it is designed to do!  ‘Today the sun was my lover’.....that's my favourite. It’s beautiful. I also felt it could be lyrics to a song. I keep coming back to this poem because I love the concept of paying tribute to such a simple, but truly pleasurable sensation and it makes me want to go and lie in the sun....now.
 - Philippa

Yours is the first poetry I have read in years ...very clear but clever. Like the style and pace when reading. Thanks for that! Beth

They are brilliantly written, I want more......- Kevin

Until I picked up Sibylla's “Poetry Emotion” the only verse I had read was the stuff from 'O' level English Lit. GCE. Be prepared to find it unputdownable! You'll become immersed in a maelstrom of emotions told in plain English and immediately transferable to one’s own feelings as we pursue unrequited love, joy and happiness. Counterbalanced with the inevitable sadness of lost loves, growing old and the passing of those we hold most dear. A thought provoking and truly inspiring publication, roll on “Poetry Emotion 2”. - Andy G

Poetry EMOTION is the first poetry book that I have read from start to finish and been left feeling that I want more. Sibylla Chan's incredible skill in the use and mastery of the English language is a pure delight and creates powerful imagery and context for the reader to experience their own personal journey. Her work is passionate and touching dealing with the most basic needs, fears and desires of mankind - making her poetry extremely unique and accessible to a wider audience as it will undoubtedly stir emotions within all of us. This is not something you read once but time and time again! - Genevieve

The poems in this book are very powerful. They are stories, images and feelings and they resonate and connect to one's own stories and spark memories and feelings of one's own life. Sometimes you are lost in her stories, sometimes they evoke pictures of places and times and sometimes they carry you away into an ether of feelings and emotions. I keep coming back to the book to read them again. They do instil a strong sense of sadness at times mixed with an acknowledgement of our own strength, power and fate. - Jo Loyn

Intuitive, passionate and emotive
Whatever stage of life you find yourself at you will find a poem that resonates with you on the deepest of levels fanning the coldest heart to flame and cooling the most searing of anger to ice. - Colin Clayton

Wise words from a wise woman.
This poetry is passionate, addictive, at times melancholy, at other times dramatic. As other reviewers have also said, it is the first volume of poetry I have not been able to put down, and having read it all the way through as soon as I got it, I keep dipping into it again and again to relive each verse. Anyone with any kind of breadth of life experience at all will find something in these poems which resonates with them - grief, sorrow, love, disappointment, fury.
It is all here in this volume of passion. -
Hannah Williams

Everything you didn't dare to speak out loud.... , May 17, 2011
"Everything you didn't dare to speak out loud...
Poetry Emotion is like Sibylla: intense, honest, caring, full of energy, loving, naughty, erotic (without being trivial) and fun!
The way she reveals her most inner thoughts, the deeper part of her soul, her heart and her womb is taboo breaking.
And I've felt it: goosebumps, tears in my eyes when the hurt and despair were vivid; blushing cheeks when her words were explicit....
Thank you, Sibylla, for revealing yourself to the world and for your friendship!" - Elrieke from the Netherlands

Poetry allows you to use language in a way that it comes with emotion, rather than just fact , May 7, 2011
Poetry allows you to use language in a way that it comes with emotion, rather than just fact. "Poetry Emotion" is a collection of poetry from Sibylla Chan as she brings to light her life's work in poetry and how it has helped her face the worst of life and leave her to express what she has learned. Each chapter covers a certain emotion, and "Poetry Emotion" should provide quite the read for poetry fans. "Another Night": Another night of fruitless contemplation/Of what I had and lost, and/Of what could have been.//Another night of loneliness/Curled up in foetal despair/Aching for your love, your embrace.//But you are not there./Not now/Not ever again. - Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

What can I say that has not been said by others, whose command of the English language I can but admire. What is it about Sibylla's verses that have entranced me...is it the use of words that we all use, mostly in private, of things we feel and do in private, most likely, but also she writes with an overriding passion and that has been put down on paper in a way that few can do.
Fortunate is the man who can have these poems read to him personally.
Benoit 30/10/2012